We presented at the HEPA SportTech Hungary conference

At the international conference, organized by the Hungarian Export Development Agency (HEPA) on April 16, 2021, we had the opportunity to present our company in the SportTech Hungary program.

In the framework of an online business forum, we presented the development of our company, the Team Flow system, a mental training system that supports the development of individuals, sports teams and other groups and the formation of their team harmony, unity.

Our company was represented by Dr. Roland Dávid (CEO) and Boglárka Mórucz-Ilyés (project manager).

We talked about that our products are designed to improve the cognitive abilities of individuals and, for the first time in the world, to measure and develop the synchronization of teams.

INNORIA has been present of the field of bioinformatics and cognitive science for 12 years. The core of the professional team consists of sports psychologist of 10 Olympic champions, big data analyst, a professor of neurobiology and artificial intelligence programmers and value engineers. The unique product developed by the team is Team Flow, which uses EEG data analysis and biofeedback technology to strengthen the mental connection between athletes and then develop a solid team unity.

This functionality is not available anywhere else in the world, the know-how backed by 50,000 measurements is the property of the development team. In connection with the use of the product we have several specific references from the world of elite and competitive sport with special mental loads.

In our Team Flow product family, group coordination, the study and analysis of human-human synchronous functions and the synchronization of the mental functioning of individuals are realized with appropriate development tasks with our software, which is a unique solution.

A total of four Hungarian companies were asked to present at the conference. We are grateful for the opportunity and we are proud to have been one of them. In addition to international organizations, the online meeting was monitored in nine countries – China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan. The business forum was the highlight of a large-scale two-day event entitled “100 Days to Tokyo” held on 15-16 April by the Belarusian Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Public Health.

♦ “There was a lot of positive feedback and the presentations were rated as high quality.
Viktória Székely (Chief Expert – Export Development Support Department, Business Development and Corporate Relations Directorate)

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