Practicing with the Team Flow system is enjoyable and rewarding. I really want to continue to use it! I have already successfully applied my experience learned in focus-enhancing exercises during physical training. This system specifically helps to develop those skills that are needed in sports. When I was tired, the calming exercise helped me relax even more and sleep better. Other times I felt charged, fit and more confident afterwards. In games supported by AI, I wanted to break my record again and again, I played with it very enthusiastically. My coach was also impressed with the system and has already taken steps to buy it for our sport club.

Szabina GERCSÁK – Hungarian World- and European Judo Champion, U23 European, Junior World Champion and European and Youth Olympic Champion

After training with the Team Flow system, the girls go to the field with GET INTO THE BUBBLE! exclamation. This is how they evoke the biofeedback experience as a team and their optimal mental state for the competition, which was taught to them by the Team Flow AI coach. Thank you INNORIA!

Jamie Reynolds, sports director, Marymount University

More people need to work together to succeed.

Due to the clarity of the system, the team gets much faster survey opportunities.

Not only have the measurements become more precise, but they also provide post-measurement training methods that can be used to develop these skills.

In the 21st century, sport is not so much about muscles and the body, more and more about the brain.

Bringing brain activity into battle can bring results.

Imre BÍRÓ, Professional director/Head coach, DEAC Men’s handball team

I try to use the Team Flow system several times a week. So far, based on some feedback, it has become clear to me that I will be able to move forward with it successfully It’s interesting to me how I can redirect my mental focus. I would recommend this Team Flow system to others because I have acquaintances in different sports - it can be a great help to be able to prepare yourself with this system, to be able to observe yourself what works, what makes them calm down, what it is, which spurs them up.

Róbert KASZA, pentathlonist

We have always known about mental relationships and team spirit to exist, but it was an elusive thing, with the system it is visible and accessible. The product is compact, easy to use, full value with 5-10 minutes of use per day. You don’t have to wait days and weeks for an evaluation because it’s immediate.   Since its use, team collaboration has improved. Players pay more attention to each other. Human relationships are more balanced. Coaches are positive about the team structure.