A publication about the state of ‘team flow’

This year, in 2021, a study was published in the scientific journal eNeuro, which specifically examined the neural correlations and coefficients of ‘team flow’.
This report also supports our own research and experience on the subject.

The full publication can be found HERE with the title:
Team flow is a unique brain state associated with enhanced information integration and inter-brain synchrony

Abstract of the publication:
“Team flow occurs when a group functions in a high task engagement to achieve a goal, commonly seen in performance and sports.
Team flow can enable enhanced positive experiences, as compared to individual flow or regular socializing. However, the neural basis for this enhanced behavioral state remains unclear.
Here, we identified neural correlates of team flow in human participants using a music rhythm task with electroencephalogram hyperscanning.

Experimental manipulations held the motor task constant while disrupting the corresponding hedonic music to interfere with the flow state or occluding the partner’s positive feedback to impede team interaction.
We validated these manipulations by using psychometric ratings and an objective measure for the depth of flow experience, which uses the auditory-evoked potential of a task-irrelevant stimulus.
Spectral power analysis at both the scalp sensors and anatomical source levels revealed higher beta-gamma power specific to team flow in the left middle temporal cortex.

Causal interaction analysis revealed that the left middle temporal cortex is downstream in information processing and receives information from areas encoding the flow or social states.
The left middle temporal cortex significantly contributes to integrating information. Moreover, we found that team flow enhances global inter-brain integrated information and neural synchrony. We conclude that the neural correlates of team flow induce a distinct brain state. Our results suggest a neurocognitive mechanism to create this unique experience.

This report presents neural evidence that teams falling into the flow state (team flow), a highly positive experience, have a unique brain state distinct from ordinary flow or social states. We established a new objective neural measure of flow yet consistent with subjective reports. We identified neural markers of team flow at the left middle temporal cortex. We showed the left middle temporal cortex had a unique causality and contributed to information integration during team flow. Finally, we showed that team flow is an independent inter-brain state with enhanced information integration and neural synchrony. The data presented here suggest a neurocognitive mechanism of team flow.”

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