DEAC Men’s Handball Team – University of Debrecen

DEAC Men’s Handball Team – University of Debrecen


DEAC – University of Debrecen, Handball Division

D-Medikus SE was founded in 2005 and consisted of medical students from the University of Debrecen. They joined the DEAC divisions after the band ascended to the NB2 division. In 2011, Sándor Medgyessy became the coach, who has a good history of handball coaching and playing. Supported by the new spirit and due professionalism, the band re-entered the NB2 class. That’s when Imre Bíró (winner of the World Championship Silver Medal) stepped in the role of professional director. Building up began in 2012, during which the DEAC Handball Division already had elementary school teams.

“Our goal is to build a strong youth base, where young people from primary school through high school to graduate from university and beyond can continue to study and play sports with the help of sports scholarship support.””

In 2016, the team made it to the second division. They performed throughout all year, except for one season. The division still belongs to DEAC, which is the largest university club in the country with more than 20 divisions.


The team has more than 150 certified athletes training and competing in 13 age groups.


Professional director / Head coach: Imre Bíró
Assistant Coach: Csaba Szabó
Goalkeeper coach: Sándor Medgyessy
Technical leader: Ádám Mórucz

DEAC early collaboration in the research and development phase of the Team Flow system:

Imre Bíró – blind defense attempt