Our second joint pilot project with the National Crime Prevention Council

In the summer of 2019, our company received further request from the National Crime Prevention Council to conduct another research pilot program in connection with their Experiential Pedagogy course compiled by the Council. We have also successfully completed this project, and further collaborations are being negotiated.

The purpose of the project

The aim was to attempt to prove by measurements and mathematical analysis, using the function of the Team Flow system suitable for measuring group brainwaves, that the effect of the experiential pedagogy program shows the participants’ brainwave changes and is really able to put their attention and coherence on a new footing.

The schedule of the project

During the program, participants were measured for 5 days, divided into 3 groups during various experiential and Team Flow training programs. In addition, two groups of trainers were also measured. The measurements were performed with easy-to-use and comfortable Muse EEG devices assigned to the Team Flow custom software.

The result of the project

The analysis of the measurement results shows that the effectiveness of the Experience Pedagogy program was confirmed at the level of physiological signals. The effect of the program is characterized by the fact that the trends of the teamflow values of the post measurements are higher than the pre trends of the teamflow values of the program. The analysis of the data in relation to the values of the individual brainwave ranges (indicators belonging to behaviors and mental activities) and in relation to the group tasks and the group cohesion of the participants also confirmed the effectiveness of the program.

There was a clear difference between the trainer and participant groups. The teamflow values of the trainer groups were higher, which is a good indicator of the trainers’ familiarity, their already developed harmony and cooperation skills with each other. When analyzing the results of the weekly measurements, the circasemidian rhythm (the fatigue factor) was also reflected in the brain waves of the participants in both weekly and daily breakdowns. Based on their combined results, by the end of the program, 73% of the participants showed mental activities belonging to the alpha domain, they managed to reach this mental state easier.

Our products

The Team Flow Measure, Team Flow Single and Team Flow Coach system is capable of isolating brain signals by frequency domain (brain wave) and differentiating signals and states of consciousness from the hemispheres of the brain. With the help of the evaluation program and mathematical / statistical methods belonging to the system, we can determine the zones belonging to the optimal activity of the measured subjects, and we can make statements about the current stress level and focusing skills of the measured subjects.

We give training suggestions to achieve, raise awareness of and maintain the optimal zone. We have harmonizing, developmental exercises and games developed for this purpose, so we can use the system to assess and teach ways to reduce stress and achieve the desired states of consciousness.

All this can be used in many ways in penitentiary institutions,
or in any workplace, in stressful environments.

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