Team Flow Coach

Team Flow Coach product
First in the world in the mental development of group skills!

Our lessons for groups help team members learn which states of consciousness they are in, in which mind state they can easily tune in to each other, when they find optimal harmony with each other.
In these exercises, players also learn to consciously apply the ability to change focus, to achieve the state of Flow together.

On the same wavelength, they are able to function mentally as one, solid, forged team.

The system allows up to 8 people to practice together!

About our group training method:

  • preparation for competitive and stake situations by strengthening mental connection
  • practice that coordinates participants and supports team unity

The trained group receives visual (visual) or audiovisual (audio + image) feedback on their mental functions (this is biofeedback). This enables individuals in the team to identify, capture, and determine their abilities or deficiencies. Users ’data is analyzed and individuals receive a training proposal for a targeted mental function.

What does a team experience when playing in TEAM FLOW state?

  • Players have their abilities, more loadable;
  • Tactical elements are perfectly executed;
  • The athletes’ forward anticipatory ability is improving;
  • The game is continuous, enjoyable, effective.

Creating team unity, the ability to support each other, can also swing a player at a low point at a given moment, thereby strengthening team performance.

In some team sports, strong sync is the key to success.

With what else does mental fitness and alignment help the team using the Team Flow Coach system?

Decision support

  • Development of rational decision-making ability in stressful situations. In a tense situation the ability to look at the problem “from afar” in a fraction of a second – as a result, to explore several possible solutions from the learned toolbox, and choosing the ideal decision (eg. giving a good pass to a partner in a position to do so, accepting faults, goal-shooting, making the right decisions)
  • The decision response time is accelerated of an individual in a proper mental state.
  • Balanced, self-confident athletes in Flow dare to make decisions, trust their instinct and intuition. Thanks to the use of our system, athletes become aware of the ideal mental state that they can use as a tool in a stressful situation, thus increasing the quality of their decisions. For example, the player dares to take the shot, start a sequence of movements, can fully immerse in the endgame.

Supporting regeneration

  • In the pre-competition period, more effective, faster rest is needed. To the day of the competition, the system teaches the players to learn methods to help calm down.
  • The ability to achieve a state of calmness that helps to relax even under non-ideal conditions, excluding certain elements of the outside world.
  • Accelerating the time to return from an injury, illnesses (COVID-19), supporting the physique with an ideal mental state.

About product features

  • building team coherence, form timing;
  • perfect implementation of tactical elements;
  • forward anticipatory ability;
  • the players are in possession of their abilities even under pressure;
  • greater self-control and self-confidence;
  • more effective selection of group members;
  • learning tactics more efficiently;
  • support for player selection (integration into a team, role within a team, multiple roles)

Benefits using the Team Flow Coach system

  • More coordinated functioning, better mental preparedness > Better performance
  • Better competition results > More moral and material success
  • More efficient player selection > Less spending