Our cooperation with Ádám Hanga

Ádam Hanga: “Innoria is close to my heart because it helps thinking as a team and brings something completely new in this area.”

Innoria has been selected as one of the top 5 companies out of 39! 
At the press conference organized by Startup Campus, we talked about the cooperation with Ádám Hanga, the basketball player of Barcelona, about our TeamFlow system, which supports the mental ability and harmony of athletes. This talk was implemented within the framework of the SportTech Hungary Program.

The program was established by the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, EXIMBANK and the Startup Campus. The basketball player and the management of the Hungarian national team help sports technology companies with professional mentoring, international social capital and visibility.

They also write about our collaboration with Ádám Hanga in Forbes magazine.

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