About us

Our company offers products to sports teams that open up new dimensions in legal performance enhancing and efficiency.

This training method is a novelty in itself – supported by artificial intelligence, based on real-time measurements, biofeedback and intelligent analysis with the software.

We currently have no competitors in the world market, no one else has a similar solution.

The Team Flow is an EEG-based biofeedback system, is a concept created by our development team to describe situations when we feel “we are on the same wavelength” with someone. We have captured this well-known phenomenon in sports and we have developed this technology for individual and team sports. Which makes it possible to measure and train several athletes at the same time. The Team Flow system is based on the analysis of the brain waves of the team and individuals, and their development in a playful way through gamifications.

Thanks to the mental preparedness and solid team unity developed with the help of the system, individual and collective performance can be increased to an unprecedented extent and by a previously unknown method.

During our measurements, the characteristics of the athlete’s mental abilities are determined by artificial intelligence relative to the 50,000 measurements in the system – supported by big data analysis, and training methodology expertise – and based on the athlete’s individual actual and previously measured values.

The main motivation of our team is to achieve outstanding results in the development of the conscious abilities of athletes while learning more and more about the interpretation and developability of the human-human relationship.

Innoria Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2017 and operating in the field of bioinformatics. The actual development has been going on for a long time and is based on more than ten years of research work.

Our company develops core technology with world-class Hungarian professionals, who are also recognized by the world’s sports professionals and in the artificial intelligence development community.

In 2019, we signed a long-term (10-year) agreement with Marymount University in the United States to use the Team Flow system to support team skills. In December 2019, we introduced our products to six more universities. As a result, negotiations are underway with the University of Maryland and the University Sports Association to install the Team Flow system.