Achieving lasting, solid team unity and individual peak performance with AI support – we made it possible.

Our systems go beyond the level of simple competitive behaviors and lead into a deeper, more sophisticated strategic and tactical space. They add technology support to something we haven’t had access to up to now. – Dr. Roland DÁVID, Founder of INNORIA
The performance of individuals and teams is related to their attitude to their task and to each other. Research shows that mental preparedness and attitudes have a much greater impact on results than previously thought.
INNORIA’s systems with AI support, measure and optimize the set of mental abilities related to the task and the team, both on an individual and group level. Our systems develop their users with biofeedback gamification-based solutions, allowing up to 8 players to train together.
It teaches athletes to be able to consciously align their attention, tolerance, perception of the game and their teammates to the situation and changing circumstances. .

Like the development experienced during physical training, the human brain is capable of reaching new heights. Sport psychologists that train olympic athletes agree, if it was only up to the physical training, there would be little difference between amateur and professional sports today. Yet there is a huge gap between the amateur and professional levels, measurable in results. Based on research, professionalism is achieved by the development and training of mental abilities. Excellent physical foundations can only be exploited by an excellent set of mental abilities. Going beyond the need for individual effectiveness, for collaboration, all good team players must acquire and use a high level of self-knowledge, self-control, and adaptability. Our work has proven that AI-based development of the ability to cooperate also improves the effectiveness of overcoming the opponent, be it individual or team sports.

Our brain waves – indicators of our brain function – change as a result of our thoughts and emotions. A well-known phenomenon by elite athletes, elite soldiers, and at the forefront of certain professions is the Zone, the so-called Flow state, in which performance increases and negatives related to activity such as fatigue or breaking point do not occur. The Flow state is created based on the optimal relationship between challenge and mental and physical fitness.
INNORIA’s systems measure and induce this condition, and the skills required for the task are continuously developed to bring the subject or group – who wants to face increasing challenges – to an ever higher level of ability.

In this mind state the athlete is calm, open, inspired, effective and aware. In this state movement comes easily and effortlessly. This is where the athletes can make better passes, can handle stress better, can connect best with their teammates, their performance is at optimum level. They also achieve a higher level of harmony with their opponents, thereby increasing their ability to anticipate and overcome the challenge.

In what areas and how does the INNORIA
Team Flow system intervene?

INNORIA’s innovative Team Flow products with convenient hardware elements and AI software background answer the HOW-TO. The developers have more than 10 years of cognitive science and technology development history.

Our company has developed EEG signal analysis based, AI biofeedback technology to automatically ASSESS & DEVELOP & MONITOR the following areas:.

  • attention skills
  • reaction time
  • tolerance
  • mental stability
  • group synchron / team unit
  • adaptation

Intelligent training technology
for coaches and athletes

Measurements and trainings are done with the help of an easy-to-use and comfortable EEG headband and with the AI software of our system in a short time, in a way that can be seamlessly integrated into the training program.

Our systems develop their users with gamification exercises,  giving the opportunity up to 8 players training together in the same time! Biofeedback teaches athletes to be able to properly focus their attention, tolerance, and perception of the game and their teammates in an adequate, conscious way.

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