How does artificial intelligence help in mental development?

Many live in the fear – mainly generated by action movies – that some day artificial intelligence will suddenly come to life and turn against people. We do not agree with this and we are happy to tell you why not.

What do we actually call artificial intelligence?

“The purpose of an artificially created device is to be able to respond to environmental influences without constant human intervention, i.e. the goal is automatisation. Its research has become a discipline that seeks to provide answers to real-life problems.”

How do we think about the AI? What do we really consider to be intelligence?

True intelligence views the things around it as a whole, including itself. So true intelligence would in no way limit or exclude any component of the entire system. After all, it also recognizes itself as part of the whole system and all the elements of the system are needed for it to function well.
If artificial intelligence can ever come to life on its own, then humanity has nothing to fear, since that intelligence is intelligent. It is able to view the world as a unit, as one, which includes humans as important components.

Currently existing AIs are far from that point of coming to life and acting on their own. There are great researches on this subject, but no matter how it seems that a robot “itself” answers the questions, these are still man-made algorithms and programs running in the background; which are calculating under the hood. Taking into account the commonly asked questions and assigning prepared answers to them.
Artificial intelligence is a system, based on complex calculations and helps people work in many different areas of life.

How do we use artificial intelligence, how does it help in mental training?

Innoria Ltd. functionally applies this intelligence in its complex calculation methods. Based on the complex results of the mental trainings performed, the AI built into the Team Flow system provides additional, personalized training suggestions to the participants; Respectively, it forms the basis of special gamification tasks to support personalized mental development.

Our AI makes it easier and simpler for users, coaches, managers, psychologists to use the Team Flow system, help their work and help mental development.

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