From the perspective of a sports psychologist – We went to Münster

Our company successfully presented itself at the 2019 Sports Psychology Conference in Münster (FEPSAC 2019, 15th EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF SPORT & EXCERCISE PSYCHOLOGIE MÜNSTER, GERMANY) with our presentation and demonstration: ‘How the Team Flow system helps the day-to-day work of coaches and sports psychologists?

INNORIA’s sports psychology expert, world champion sports shooter Dr. Ágota Lénárt emphasized:
The product was created to complement and help the work of sports psychologists and coaching teams – providing objective data, tracking, and sociometry calculations based on brainwave analysis, and provides AI-supported synchronization and optimization development trainings.

The performance of individuals and teams is related to their attitude to their task and to each other. The system measures these parameters and optimizes the setup of team members, thus the entire team.

What are the specific benefits for sports psychologists and coaches from using the Team Flow system?
How does the system help with the work?

Measurement and classification

a) The System is able to measure and classify subjects based on various factors of mental state (focus, resilience, stability, stress, etc.).
This data can then be tracked by a sports psychologist and coaches.
b) The same function applies to the whole team as a unit – the strength of the team and the changes achieved in it can be measured and tracked. The system points out high-performing and potentially lagging team members based on objective measurement.

Objective help in form timing

a) The System can measure team consistency and synchronize players in minutes with a biofeedback gamification solution.
b) It can measure the daily / current condition of individuals. The system summarizes all measurements so that development trends can be followed or obviously different conditions can be observed.

An accurate measurement and training system that achieves development with a playful motivational method

a) The system works with data based on 50,000 measurement database, mainly measured in elite sports. The artificial intelligence (AI) makes automatic development suggestions accordingly and based on the measured data of the player.
b) The Team Flow training methods are based on audio-visual gamification so players enjoy the suggested 10-15 minutes of use per day while developing their mental abilities for peak performance.

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