Decision making and the joy of the mind

We often change our beliefs under the influence of others and making different decisions because of it. This social behavior is called conformity and explains varios components of our behaviour, from voting at elections to fashion trends among teenagers.

According to this article„Brain research has recently well informed about short-term effects of social influence on decision making. If our choice coincides with the point of view of the people who are important to us, this decision is reinforced in the brain’s pleasure-centres involved in the larger dopaminergic [dopamine release or involvement as a neurotransmitter – ed.] system responsible for learning, motor activity and many other functions. Conversely, in instances of disagreement with others, the brain signals that a ‘mistake’ has been made and triggers conformity.”
„It is interesting that an area such as the superior parietal cortex, an area of the brain responsible for retrieving memories, is involved in coding the signal of past disagreements with the group.”

The joy of the mind does not only appear when the opinions of others identical with ours. The fact of alignment in itself also gives a special feeling of joy as belonging together for those who are on the same wavelength.

And this works back and forth. If we create the same wavelength, the agreement can appear easier and faster. By our very nature, we strive for harmony with each other, yet patterns of resentment (according to this research) remain within us.

With our development (Team Flow system) we can remind and mentally train the subjects about the wavelength of agreement. This improves social relationships and makes joint activities more effective.

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